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Learning A New Skill

One of my goals this year is to study something new. Because I work as a teacher, I work long hours during schooldays and sometimes, I forget to relax because of my job. I always think about my students that I, sometimes, get stressed too much about. Three months ago, I enrolled myself to a gym class before I got into a class that creates an Atlanta SEO expert. It has done wonders for me. Of course, I am now more physically fit. I don't have difficulties in the bathroom anymore (excuse me for saying that) and I am able to wake up early because my body clock works so much better now. I also feel like my face has become a lot clearer and I no longer have break-outs. Going to the gym has really changed the way I view life. I think that it has also developed discipline in me.

Before, whenever I set a schedule for myself, I didn't have the discipline to follow that schedule. Now, it's different, since whatever I set my mind on is what I do. It's not much to some but it's very important to me. Back to what I said, I feel like enrolling in an online class or something similar to that. I have been searching online for SEO-related classes. I feel like getting into what's in demand these days and based on what I have read, the SEO industry is one of the most booming markets in the world. Who knows? I might just become an SEO expert after I am able to complete my course.  

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